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Value of My Next Puppy

Veterinary and Kennel Care

Before Client Purchase

Up to date with vaccinations (at least 3 series of vaccinations) including: Kennel Cough, Parvo-Virus, de-worming(s), and preventative medications such as probiotic, prebiotic, digestive enzymes and longevity Drops (for Small Breeds)

Weight and temperature monitoring

Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, heart, lungs, hernia, feet, coat, skin, GI, fecal, skeletal and more

Certified Veterinarian health exam and continuous health checks

Professional grooming by a licensed Dog Groomer


After Client Purchase

Free initial veterinary exam consultation fee for client near store location

Reading materials and The Pet Purchase Checklist

Housewarming take home tote bag 


Around The Clock Support

Micro-chipped and registered for lifetime identification with Petkey and Help Me Find My Pet

Access to Online Videos and Unlimited Lifetime Support Through Dog Star’s Call Center

Access to our customer service center for any future questions about your puppy. Whether it’s about health & well-being, store warranties & guarantees, training, billing, or anything else…just give us a call!

*Above items on entire page may vary by specific pet



Pet Purchase Guarantees

My Next Puppy warrants your pet(s) from the date of receipt against disorders that may interfere with your pet’s ability to lead a normal life by offering:

The Lifetime Puppy Protection Program

The Limited 10 (Ten) Day Warranty

The 14 (Fourteen) Day 100% Parvo Warranty


Pet Registration

There are many different pet registries in the USA, and even more throughout the world. MNP strives to register most of its puppies with top known registries around the world.

To learn more go to: “” to find out about the various pet registries My Next Puppy may register with if possible.

When a puppy is registered, it means that registry recognizes its pedigree and bloodline as being accurate. A puppy registered as a purebred is recognized by that registry as having a pure bloodline.


Standards for Breeders

Long Standing Relationships with USDA Licensed Breeders

Compliance and in Good Standing with all Inspections at Store and Breeder Kennels

Certificate of Pedigree (5 family generations w/ DNA)

Champion puppies from award winning sires and dams

Pictures of puppies parents and facility pictures of kennel

OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals on sires and dams to eliminate dog’s hip joint problems including hip dysplasia


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