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May 10, 2021
Updated May, 2021

Dear MNP Clients, 

We want you to know that we at My Next Puppy are here for you during these unique times. We are in this together and we wish all of our first responders, families, businesses, locally and abroad health and hope!  As the coronavirus pandemic continues it is important to remain in constant communication with you and will update this post regularly. 

Supporting Our Employees and Vendors

It is imperative that people are cared for and that includes our employees and vendors. MNP has taken steps to make sure that coming to work is acceptable only if staff are healthy and feeling well. We approve of self-quarantining measures as necessary and this has been shared and communicated entirely. We are also in complete support of Governor Ralph Northan and his hard working office and are monitoring the WHO (World Health Organization) and the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). We are also proud members of PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council) and the VPAA (Virginia Pet Advocate Alliance) and are in communication with all parties.

Helping Our Community

We are focused on giving back during this time. That includes focusing on those less fortunate than we are and those who are in need. We are encouraging our entire staff to give back through company incentivized blood donations as there is a shortage due to the cancellation of many blood drives. Also, we are raising goods and donating to the Salvation Army through multiple care packages for seniors and vulnerable populations. We are also supporting our first responders by an abundance of caution for the safety and wellbeing of others as an essential yet fully careful business. Also, by not purchasing store bought face masks and manufacturing our own supply, essential shortages in hospitals will benefit from this greatly. If you or a loved one is in need of essential supplies please let a manager know and we would be more than happy to consider a donation. 

Ensuring Uptime for Our Clients

MNP understands that it is important to keep all of our services up-and-running during this crucial time frame. We are now appointment only all the time. This will ensure that our clients are being served in a healthy manner. New hours are up-to-date on our website:  We understand that our clients need access to our services especially with the mental, emotional, and sometimes physical stress and as an essential business we will continue to serve our clients and pets with all normal services including:

  • Pet rehoming 
  • Specialty pet food options
  • Health claims, warranties, and registration
  • Veterinary records and pet paperwork
  • Overseeing medical care for pets 
  • Pet training services 
  • Miscellaneous client support

Frequently-Asked Questions:

Should clients expect disruptions, downtime, or store closure? 

We are keeping a close eye on State and Federal guidelines and as of today, it appears life will soon return back to normal for Northern Virginia.

There has not been a similar pet store that has been mandated to close or considered a non essential business in any of the States including Virginia but we will update you once the Governor has released information regarding other businesses who are non-essential and the miscellaneous executive orders including the previous “Temporary Stay at Home Order.”

On March 23rd the Governor of Virginia, Governor Ralph Northam, made kennels, pet stores, and pet supply stores an essential businesses as part of Executive Order 53 . Later, Executive Order 55: “Temporary Stay At Home Order” excludes “…businesses not required to close to the public under Executive Order 53.”

How is customer support being handled? 

MNP employees ensure that there is no disruption in customer support at the store, on our website, or by phone or text at (703) 870-7555 to schedule an appointment today or ask us anything you may have a question about! 

Am I socially distancing myself at MNP if I go in for my appointment? How about CDC and WHO guidelines?

MNP has individual solid cubicle-like structures with seating in each cube and has added clear plastic barriers throughout the store for added protection so customers are fully distanced from one another! We encourage you to visit MNP and to remain seated during your appointment to isolate yourselves from other clients. MNP is also spacing appointments and spacing active cubes from one another out of an abundant caution for social distancing guidelines.

Due to social distancing guidelines and health recommendations made by the CDC and WHO we are limiting the number of clients in our store at any given time. Also, our main entrance is closed and you will be greeted by a staff member to assist you with your pet appointment. Lastly, we are limiting pet appointments to 30 minutes out of an abundance of caution. 

MNP is fully equipped with all sanitation equipment including hand sanitizer, gloves, etc. for our clients, employees, and pets as needed. Don’t be alarmed if one of us or all of us are wearing MNP manufactured face masks as we are doing this for your safety. 

What You Can Do to Serve Others

Donate blood if able at one of these below nonprofits: 

Inova Blood

Red Cross Blood:

Donate online to the below nonprofit if able: 

Salvation Army

Spread hope and not fear:

  • Do share, do support, do listen, and do care
  • Do follow guidelines and care for your health as if other’s lives depended on it
  • Don’t hoard and don’t panic 

A time such as this is a reminder to be kind to others and to overcome challenges together. 



The My Next Puppy Team