3 Reasons Why You Should Get Yourself A Boston Terrier

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Yourself A Boston Terrier

October 8, 2018

Boston TerrierBoston Terriers may not give away their personality by just looking at them. These dogs are playful, entertaining, and very affectionate, making them great companions.

Read on below for some fascinating facts about the Boston Terrier. You just might be convinced to adopt a puppy from this breed.

1. Boston Terriers are Incredibly Entertaining

Boston Terriers have a comical face to start with, but they are wonderful entertainers outside of the fact that their huge eyes look too big for their smashed in little faces. Watch your dog when he sleeps and you’ll think that he’s a contortionist. This type dog is notorious for twisting in funny and bizarre positions in an attempt to get comfortable while napping or sleeping. You may catch him with one leg dangling from his bed, or his body flung across a comfortable pillow. You can depend on a Boston Terrier to keep you entertained, even when he’s asleep. Read more at Puppy Toob…

The fact that the Boston Terrier’s personality does not match his face can be quite entertaining. Imagine coming home to a serious-looking dog asleep in a funny position. This might just be the comical relief you need after a long day at work.

2. Boston Terriers are Meant for Socialization

Known as the American Gentleman, the Boston Terrier is lively, smart, and affectionate with a gentle, even temperament. They can, however, be stubborn, so persistence and consistency are definite musts when training. Like every dog, the Boston Terrier needs early socialization — exposure to many different people, sights, sounds, and experiences — when they’re young. Socialization helps ensure that your Boston puppy grows up to be a well-rounded dog. Read more at Luv My Dogs…

Not only are Boston Terriers true gentlemen, they are also great with people. A Boston Terrier knows no stranger and is always open to meeting and connecting with new people. This is why socialization at an early age is so important.

Boston Terrier

3. They Are Great Therapy Dogs

Bostons might be small in stature, but they’re big on being best friends. For more than 100 years they’ve been bred to enjoy the company of people, making them ideal for animal-assisted work where their sole job is to put a smile on patients’ faces in nursing homes, hospitals and other health care facilities. Read more at Animal Planet…

Therapy dogs are all the rage right now and with our fast-paced lifestyles, it’s not hard to imagine why. Boston Terriers are good companion dogs that are smart and very affectionate. They can therefore be trained to help people who are going through difficulties and help them heal.

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