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Why You’ll Absolutely Love The Beabull

January 17, 2019

Have you been wondering what new thing you can do this new year? If you love dogs and have been thinking of adding a designer dog to your family, this post is for you. The Beabull is one breed that is well worth considering. Whether you’re a first-time dog-owner or an experienced one, this is bound to be one choice you’ll be glad you made.

Beabull Looks

The combination of the Beagle and the English bulldog is what creates the Beabull. The physical appearance of the Beabull will depend on how the parent dogs’ features balance out. The following post explains more about how the Beabull looks:

Appearance of the Beabull
The Bulldog and Beagle have pretty similar coats, so there’s not a lot of variation in Beabull coats. The Beabull will have a smooth, hard coat that lies close to the body.
It can have a short or medium length, and the Beabull may inherit the Beagle’s dense double coat.
The Beabull may be a light or moderate shedder and will need brushing two or three times a week.
If the Beabull does have a double coat, daily brushing will likely be necessary during shedding season in the spring.
Most Beagle Bulldog puppies inherit the Bulldog’s short tail, short and wrinkly face, and stout legs, but they usually don’t have these traits to the same extreme as purebred Bulldog puppies. Read more at The Happy Site…

There is the possibility of your pup looking totally different from what is described, but you can be sure he’ll be adorable.

The Size

One of the major considerations that you may need to make is the size of the dog. Most dog owners will tell you that before purchasing a puppy, it’s important to know how large it can become. The following post describes how big this dog can grow:

Beabulls have short, straight hair and a coarse coat, which comes in the following colours:
• Brown
• Golden
• White
• Brindle
• Merle
• Spotted
• Speckled
An average male Beabull weighs between 18 and 27 kg (40-60 lb) and is 35.5 to 40.5 cm (14-16 inches) tall. A female is smaller, weighing from 13.5 to 23 kg (30-50 lb), and is usually 30.5 to 33 cm (12-13 inches) tall. Read more at Dog Zone…

Family Dog

Most people are looking for a dog that will fit well into their family. Even if you don’t have a family of your own, you most likely won’t want a dog that is unfriendly. The following post describes the pleasant nature of the Beabull:

Beabulls, like their Beagle parents, are people dogs and love being in the company of their masters. They are also extremely devoted and loving and will happily follow their owners around all day. They are also extremely affectionate towards children and are tolerant of even the most annoying and curious youngsters. These traits make them an excellent family dog.
Beabulls are often very mild mannered and enjoy lazing about like Bulldogs. However, they do sometimes have bursts of hyperactivity and love to play games of fetch. They sometimes tend to play bite and it is important to correct this behavior early on. Read more at Pet Guide…

If you’re looking for a cute, family- oriented pup to give your new year a sense of charm, go for the Beabull. At My Next Puppy, you’ll get the exact pup you’re looking for. Find out more from our Available Puppies page, or call us on (703) 844-9796 for additional information.