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Q&A – French Bulldog

September 20, 2018

french bulldog

French bulldogs are great companion dogs that can also be exceptional show dogs. Here are some of the most common questions people ask about them:

Why is the French Bulldog so expensive?

The process of breeding French Bulldogs tends to be more difficult and more costly for breeders. This is because these dogs have small waists, which often makes natural mating impossible. Breeders typically resort to artificial insemination, which is quite costly. This is why Frenchie puppies and adults for sale are comparatively more expensive than other breeds.

Are French Bulldogs good family dogs?

French Bulldogs are friendly, and will get along well with both kids and adults. They are great companion dogs and thrive with extensive human contact, making them great as family dogs.

french bulldog

Are French Bulldogs healthy dogs?

Frenchies are intentionally bred with facial deformities that affect their health. The most common problem among the breed is difficulty in breathing especially during hot summers due to their short face.

Are French Bulldogs aggressive?

French Bulldogs are generally polite and friendly with people as well as other pets and will not display aggressive behavior. However, Frenchie males may bicker in the presence of other males.

Do French bulldogs bark?

French Bulldogs are generally quiet, though they will bark to announce a visitor’s arrival.

Do French bulldogs shed a lot?

No. French Bulldogs are average shedders. They typically lose their undercoat twice a year – during the spring and fall shedding seasons. Puppies tend to shed more than adult Frenchies.

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