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Poodle – Q&A

January 11, 2019



Poodles are highly intelligent dogs that love to play with both kids and adults. They are very easy to train, thanks to their high intelligence, and are adaptable to large families. A Poodle will need regular grooming – something that scares a lot of people. Not to worry; once you get a regular grooming schedule going, she’s not as high maintenance as she may seem.

Is the Poodle a Good Family Dog?

Poodles are great for families. If you have children, then this is even better. Although they don’t require a lot of exercise, Poodles love their daily walks. If you skip out on these, then they will let you know. The fact that they are easy to train makes for a fun activity with your kids because you can train your Poodle together. You might find you don’t even need a dog trainer.

What Health Problems Do Poodles Have?

Just like other dog breeds, Poodles are prone to a variety of health problems Some that are common to all Poodles sizes include hip dysplasia, epilepsy, Addison’s disease, hypoglycemia, certain types of cancers, retinal atrophy, bloat and thyroid issues. It’s important to ensure your Poodle is eating right and gets regular checks from your vet.

miniature poodle

What is the Average Cost of a Poodle?

The cost of buying a Poodle varies, but is generally on the higher side as compared to other dog breeds. Miniature Poodles are surprisingly the most expensive despite their size and can cost as much as $5,000 and as little as $700 depending on the breeder. It’s very important to be careful about where you buy your Poodle because some are more prone to disease than others.

You should also note that in most cases, the more you spend on a Poodle, the more you will likely need to spend on grooming as well.

How Many Hours a Day Do Poodles Sleep?

Poodles sleep a lot, but their sleeping needs decrease over time as they get older. However, puppies can sleep for 18-20 hours a day. This is because they use a lot of energy while awake. It is not uncommon for pups to be extremely excited when they are awake.

As they get older, they will sleep for an average of 10-12 hours a day. Don’t be alarmed at how much your dog sleeps unless she appears sluggish or looks ill. If she does, get her to a vet as soon as possible.

How Trainable Are Poodles?

Poodles are some of the easiest dogs to train. This is because they have a high level of intelligence. Treats and verbal praise are great incentives while training your Poodle, so be sure to have sufficient dog treats on hand while training her.

What Size is a Poodle?


Poodles come in three main sizes; toy, miniature and standard. The toy Poodle is the smallest of the three and reaches a maximum height of 9 inches. In fact, toy puppies can actually fit into a tea cup, hence the name ‘tea cup Poodles’. The miniature Poodle reaches an average dog height, while the largest of the Poodles, the Standard, can grow as big as a Golden Retriever.

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