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Is A Pomeranian A Suitable Option For A First Time Owner?

November 1, 2018


Pomeranians are small, Spitz-like, vivacious dogs. They are great as alarm dogs and also do well in competitions and for entertainment. However, they demand a lot of attention and can bark at anything if not well-trained at a young age.

Read on to learn whether a Pomeranian is ideal for you if you’re a first-time owner:

For real, who doesn’t want a dog officially nicknamed “Pom-pom”? They are basically adorable. Take a glance of a Pomeranian pup, and even the hardest of hearts will melt. The Grinch should’ve been introduced to a Pomeranian. Like any other dog breed, Poms have their positives and negatives, pros and cons to ownership. On the plus side, Pomeranians tend to have a pretty sweet temperament; they’re playful, think they’re bigger than they are, and love being trained to do tricks because they’re little smarties. They’re teeny sweeties. They’ve got beautiful coats. They make great guard dogs. Read more at List Land…


First-time owners will enjoy the sweet temperament that pom-poms display. If you have kids, then chances are your new pom will be more interested in them as they love to play. One interesting thing about pom-poms is that they tend to overestimate their importance and role. If you’re not careful, they might end up thinking they are the boss of your home. Train them from a young age to avoid this, and your first dog-owner experience will be pleasant.

The AKC Standard says the Pomeranian is “inquisitive by nature… cocky, commanding, and animated.” That he is. Vivacious and spirited, bold and brash, the typical Pomeranian thinks he’s “hot stuff.” This sharp-eyed busybody likes to check out every sight, sound, and activity – and tell you what he thinks about it. He is delightfully alive and aware of everything going on around him. Keenly alert to approaching strangers, the Pomeranian makes a great alarm dog. But this can easily get out of hand, so he requires early socialization so that he doesn’t become sharp or shrill. Read more at Your Pure Bred Puppy…

One of the most distinctive features of Pomeranians is that they are good alarm dogs. Yes, their barking can be a nuisance for first-time owners, but this can be beneficial too. A Pomeranian has heightened senses and will not let anyone close to you or your property without your knowledge. They also do not need a lot of exercise, so let them run around in your backyard if you have one. This should be enough exercise for them.

Please be patient with yours while training them! Give them LOTS of love! They are very loving little dogs, VERY Smart and they get their little feelings hurt easily. If you have to scold them , in a short time call them to you, pick them up and hug and show them much love. When potty training one, have an area where you put the puppy pad, show it to them, look them in the eye & show them the pad telling them what they are to do there. Read more at I Heart Dogs…


Once again, ensuring that you properly train your dog will help you as a first-time owner to adapt to owning a dog, especially a Pomeranian. Take care, though, to be as kind to her as you can: she needs a lot of love and affection.

A Pomeranian is a great pick for a first-time dog owner, but only if you can be patient while you train her. You also need to have a lot of extra time to play with her and give her the attention he needs. If this doesn’t sound like you, then you can always check out our selection of alternative dogs that are favorable to first-time owners.

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