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Dachshunds: The Good And The Bad

November 6, 2018


Dachshunds are amazing little dogs. But just like other dog breeds, they are not for everyone. Some people love them, and some prefer other breeds based on different factors such as maintenance and cost. Dachshunds are hound dogs that rely on scent to hunt. If you have a home in the woods, or close to the woods, then this may be the ideal dog for you.

Here’s an introduction to this lovely dog:


This comical clown loves to play games and has a great sense of humor. He is a loyal little dog, very attached to his family, and he firmly believes that sleeping under the bedcovers is in the Dachshund Bill of Rights.

Dachshunds attract devoted followers who would never consider having any other breed. Indeed, Dachshunds are often kept in pairs, which is A-OK with them, since they seem to recognize and prefer being with other “wiener dogs”.

They’re usually good with other family pets, too, though they can be jealous when they want attention and they can be possessive of their toys. You need to put a firm stop to the first signs of jealousy or possessiveness so that these don’t become bad habits. Read more at Your Pure Bred Puppy…

Dachshunds may be traditionally inclined to hunting, but they are sweet little dogs who love cuddling in bed with their owners. Don’t be surprised if you find your little puppy under the covers when you get into bed at night. Not only are they lovable, they are funny too. Of course this is enhanced by their physique.


Dachshunds were bred to hunt mean animals that live in burrows so they were bred to not back down, or give up, and to think for themselves.

They will keep at any problem in front of them until they solve it. Unfortunately, they also use their superpowers to figure out things you don’t want them to.

When I travel with Chester and Gretel in the car, I use a seat belt tether to keep them from wandering the car and getting into something that they shouldn’t (and also for safety when driving).

I also place my groceries, dog food, etc. that I buy in a tightly-latched cargo box so they can’t eat it (they COULD still get into it if given enough time, which is why I also use a seat belt tether). Read more at You Did What With Your Weiner…

Dachshunds are very intelligent and aggressive. This is great because if you go hunting, they will not give up and make sure you come back with something. They do not give up easily.


They are also great as guard dogs and will not let just anyone come close to your home. Surprisingly, they are also very friendly creatures. Be sure to store your dog food out of their reach because there is a very high chance they will sniff it out.


Dachshunds are prone to back problems, or more specifically, disc herniation. This is partly due to their shape, but also due to a gene that creates mineral deposits within the discs of their spine. IVDD, or intervertebral disc disease, affects about 25% of doxies. Crusoe the celebrity dachshund underwent treatment for IVDD, and his owners created a helpful resource about their experience. Read more at…

One of the major drawbacks of owning Dachshunds is the fact that they are prone to back problems. This is largely because they are heavy on the top and lighter on the bottom. Be sure to take them on regular visits to the vet so that you can detect these issues early on and begin to address them.


These are some of the pros and cons of owning Dachshunds. Note that even though this hound prefers the outdoors, it adapts very well to apartment living and is friendly to kids.

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