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Basset Hound – Q&A

December 28, 2018

basset hound

The Basset Hound is an interesting breed with legs that are short but powerful, specifically adapted to their hunting activities. While they are very active in tracking prey, Basset Hounds will often be caught dozing and drooling after some activity.  If you’re considering this breed, there’s a lot to learn about them, and the following are some answers to common questions about them:

Is a Basset Hound a good family dog?

While it is a fact that the friendliness of any dog breed depends on how it was raised, the Basset Hound is generally considered sociable and good-natured. However, the Basset Hound’s love for hunting and slowness in training is something to be aware of, since these are characteristics that can affect the normal family set-up and activities.

How big do miniature Basset Hounds get?

Basset Hounds will mostly grow to a height of 13 to 14 inches. That means, from the ground to the shoulder, the height would be 14 inches. When it comes to their weight, Basset Hounds can be quite heavy due to their bone composition. As a result, though short, they can weigh an average of 50 to 70 pounds, but they still absolutely love napping on the laps of their owners!

basset hound

Are Basset Hounds smart?

Basset hounds are very intelligent, which is why they were specially bred to “hunt” or “follow game”. That requires them to make decisions on their own rather than wait to be told what to do. For that reason, they may be difficult to train, not necessarily because they are slow, but because it sometimes doesn’t make sense to them to do that specific thing you’re asking them to do.


How much food do Basset Hounds need?

The general rule for the quantity of food that Basset Hounds should have is: the level of activity they engage in should determine how much food they take. For instance, during the cold season when they can’t be out very often, they require less food compared to warmer seasons. The recommendations written on high quality dog food packages are a good starting point.

How much is a Basset Hound puppy?

On average, Basset Hound puppies will be priced by the breeder. However, it is important to note that any puppy with special qualities like breeding rights, will cost more. What’s important is to find out their health-guarantee, as this will determine their life expectancy and other qualities offered by the breeder.

basset hound

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