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3 Fun Facts About The Papillon

October 18, 2018


The Papillon is a fancy dog that is often owned by the rich. Papillons have pointy ears that resemble butterfly wings, which is where their name originated. Papillons are popular at dog competitions and sports because they are intelligent. They are also very obedient, which makes them easy companions.

Their Origin is Unknown

Small spaniels resembling the papillon could be found in Europe starting in the 1200s, but it’s unclear where the dog originally hailed from or what its ancestry is. Some believe that the breed originated in China, where a similar-looking dog eventually became the modern day Pekingnese. Others look to the Japanese chin as an influencer of the breed. Some doubt that there’s any Asian influence at all, as Europeans managed to shrink down other breeds without the help of these smaller Eastern dogs. Regardless of where it came from, the dog has strong roots in Europe. The French and Belgians refined the breed, giving it a high-domed head and feathered ear fur. Read more at Mental Floss…

That no one knows its precise origin is one interesting fact about the breed that sets it apart. The Spanish spaniel is the closest in resemblance to the papillon. This, coupled with its French name, has led experts to believe that its true origin is somewhere in Europe. Unfortunately, the exact place remains a mystery.

Papillons are Highly Trainable

Papillons are known for being super smart and eager to please, which makes them highly trainable. They are excellent candidates for dog sports such as agility or rally, and are ranked the no. 1 toy breed in obedience competition.

These little dogs have abundant energy, so plenty of exercise and obedience training are a must to keep them physically and mentally balanced. Read more at Healthy Pets…

One of the most endearing facts about this breed is that training Papillons is a breeze for owners. This also makes them ideal for people who love to participate in dog sports and competitions. Once you train a Papillon, he won’t forget those lessons. He is also not stubborn like other breeds, and is very rambunctious. As such, he’ll easily wow the judges during competitions.


They Were Named for their Most Prominent Feature – Their Ears

The Papillon is named for its most distinctive feature: its large, fringed, butterfly-like ears. According to the American Kennel Club’s Papillon breed standard, its ears are “carried obliquely and move like the spread wings of a butterfly. When alert, each ear forms an angle of approximately 45 degrees to the head.” Read more at…

Although their origin is a debatable and contentious topic, papillons are thought to have come from Europe. In fact, the name papillon seems to corroborate this belief. Papillon is the French word for butterfly. Papillons have winged ears that are large compared to their body size. As it turns out, these ears do more than just hear. Their ears spread like butterfly wings as they run, giving them support.

Are you looking for a pup that is very intelligent and obedient? Then Papillons should be on your list of breeds to consider. You’ll hardly even need to worry about experiencing behavior problems from your dog, whether at home or in public. The infamous Marie Antoinette had a papillon named Coco and of her many dogs, it was her favorite.


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